1. Ferris wheel in Bosteri, Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan.

    (Source: ivorypomegranate.com)

  2. The start of the ferris wheel photos. Bosteri, Kyrgyzstan.

  3. Truth: yes. Spelling? Optional. Bosteri, Kyrgyzstan. (I lost count how many times I heard Lady Gaga songs played that weekend, but it was a lot).

  4. The most kitschy part of Bosteri (besides the Ferris Wheel, those pics are coming up shortly) was the rusting metal beach umbrellas stuck along the shore, painted in bright colors of course.

  5. A love note spelled out in stones along the beach in Bosteri. (For those who don’t know Russian, тебя means “you”.)


  6. Playing football in Bosteri, Kyrgyzstan.

    (Source: ivorypomegranate.com)

  7. Sorry for the absence, I went to Issyk-Kul this weekend! Lots more pics for my lovely handful of followers. The North Shore in May is sort of a wonderful thing, warm enough to enjoy being lazy on the beach (way too cold to swim), but still too early in the tourist season to be crowded. In Bosteri (just East of Cholpon-Ata) there was a whole amusement park, completely empty for nosy photographers to climb all over.